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December 18 2014


A Short Term Loan May Be The Way To Control Urgent Financial Issues

Despite being proud of the weekly pay cheque that their job provides them, it is not unusual for people to fall behind on their bills. These personal financial issues can begin to pile up over time or occur all at once. Sometimes it is a family emergency that has precipitated this need for immediate funds like an illness or automobile accident. A person's sudden need for funds may be the direct result of a shopping trip or well-enjoyed holiday that has gone beyond one's usual budgetary expenditures.

It is at this point that people begin to investigate the convenience of a payday loan as provided by a Singapore Moneylender. Payday loans are easy to apply for online, with customer service representatives available to answer whatever questions consumers might have. Unlike loans issued from a bank to buy a home or automobile, the credit score of the loan applicant is rarely an issue.

This is just one of the reasons why this type of loan has the benefit of being far easier to qualify for, than traditional loans offered by a bank or lending institution. Prospective loan applicants usually need only have proof of a working bank account and steady employment that provides them with a regular pay cheque.

Excel Credit

Applicants for payday loans can generally feel confident when working with a Licensed Moneylender Singapore that is not only able to a loan until one's next pay cheque is paid, but can sponsor additional financial services like personal loans and foreign cash loans to qualified applicants.

Excel Credit is one such company, whose website at payday loan in singapore allows interested parties to safely enter their personal information into their online application. Within a timely fashion, one of their representatives is able to contact the applicant and discuss their financial and personal information in a confidential manner.

Experienced loan representatives are not judgemental in their approach. They just need to make sure a bank account is in existence, so that loan repayment amounts can be automatically removed when they are due. Once that is acknowledged, funds can be quickly approved and given to the loan applicant.

One of the advantages of being able to directly contact a singapore moneylender is their ability to listen to loan applicants. With a payday loan, the recipient can do whatever they need to with this money. Whether one is paying a hospital bill or buying a new wardrobe is entirely up to the person who receives that cash.

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